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Filing Papers Over the Internet (E-Filing)

Welcome! This website is for people who don't have an attorney and want to e-file their court papers or want to learn more about the New York State Courts' e-filing system. The New York State Courts' e-filing system is called NYSCEF, for short.

Important! NYSCEF does not make court papers for you. NYSCEF lets you upload your finished papers to the court. If you have not made your court papers and need information or forms, visit the CourtHelp website.

For e-Filing questions or assistance, contact the NYSCEF Resource Center. Step 1: Create an Account
E-filing Basics
Use the E-filing Checklist to see if you can e-file. Create an e-filing account if you are a new user or a returning user and want to e-file in a new case.

Step 2: Log-in
Log-in Basics
If you have an e-filing account, use the Log-in Checklist to see if you are ready to e-file in the NYSCEF system.

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